Thursday, November 12, 2009

The history of the name "Troy's Fortress"

What's that? You're wondering why my blog is called what it's called? Well then, take a seat by the fire (yes, there's a fire for the purposes of this post) and allow me to explain.

It goes back to a city I created in SimCity 4 about 3 years ago which I named Troy's Fortress. I ripped the name off from a friend's SimCity 4 city which he called a fortress named after himself, which in turn was ripped off from a song from the soundtrack from The OC that was popular with some of my group of friends at the time called Fortress (I couldn't stand that show, but they loved it).

Feeling ripped off? I would too. Here's a picture of the original Troy's Fortress though:


  1. That's frakking shway. I know where I'd be planting my arse - smack bang in the middle of desirable town. You should totally be a town planner.

  2. I built a more fuck-off fortress than you ever could, Troy. It was so fuck-off that it took me three hours and considerable mental strain to figure out how the fuck to connect it to the ground far, far below.