Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks TPG!

Last night I decided that I'd be good and go to bed early, given that I have an exam in three hours, but I decided to treat myself by buying Borderlands and leaving it to download overnight so it'd be ready to play by the time I got back from the exam. So I leave my computer on and go to sleep. It's downloading slowly because our internet here always slows to a crawl from about the time that TPG's engineers clock out until morning, but I know it should pick up at some point during the night.

However, I woke up at 4:30am this morning and decided to check on how it was going (this isn't why I woke up though!) and I was extremely disappointed to find out that it had downloaded just 14% of the game and the connection seemed to have timed out. After playing around with Steam and the router for half an hour I managed to get it to start downloading again, but it was still downloading slower than a legless dog.

Half an hour later I got up again because by this stage the sun was starting to rise again and I can't go to sleep when the sun is up and check again. It's still crawling along so I changed the preferred download server again and browsed Whirlpool for a while. Suddenly 6am rolls around and BAM! It's like someone kicked the internet connection in the rear because suddenly the download speed jumps from ~100KB/s to 1.4MB/s like it should be. So thanks for turning the magic speed button on again TPG, I really do enjoy playing around for an hour in the early morning only to have the internet speeds that we're supposed to get kick in at 6am on the dot. In the twenty minutes I've been typing this twice as much of the game has downloaded than was downloaded between 11pm and 6am. So now it's 6:20am, I have an exam in 2 1/2 hours and I'm incapable of getting more sleep. Thanks, TPG.

P.S. I am quite aware that my sleep issues are not the fault of TPG as it was my decision to play around with stuff, but I'm still frustrated. They're going to be getting some phone calls from me in the near future.

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